Welcome to my website. I'm a writer, lover of animals, reader, teacher, and mischief maker. Perhaps it's the last category that I most want to excel at! On the site you'll find stories about readers/friends and their animals, Jitty advice, contests, book news, newsletters, and photos of the things that matter in my life.

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My calendar is also on the website, and while my travels are mostly confined to the South, you never know when I might pop up somewhere. So check the calendar to see if I'm going to be in your neck of the woods. I wish I had time to travel, but I also have a small animal rescue (Good Fortune Farm Rescue) and that keeps me close to home.

Again, welcome! 


Freebie of the Month
Win a Signed Hardback of BOOTY BONES!  Deadline:  September 30, 2014
Bone-a-Fied Delicious Cookbook
This 500-page cookbook is stuffed with cherished recipes, assembled by the friends and readers of Carolyn Haines.  100% of all proceeds are donated to the Good Fortune Farm Refuge.
September Sale!
Get a free book when you shop for a shirt in our online store.  Zero tax.  Zero shipping fee.
Hot off the Press!
You can now read Booty Bones, the 14th novel in the Sarah Booth Delaney mystery series.
Last Month's Contest Winner
Congratulations to Samantha Pedroza.  Find out which book characters she says settled for a second-rate romance.
E-book Sale
Enjoy this .99 cent download to your e-reader.  "Shorty Bones" is the first official short story from Bones books.
Grab A Blanket
Can you handle the chilling mystery at Walden Pond?  Read The Seeker, written under the pseudonym R.B. Chesterton.
E-book Sale
In the mood for a chilling story?  Enjoy Skin Dancer for $2.99
Letter of the Day
I was over the moon reading this letter from Eileen O'Keefe.
The Modern Southern Belle
Southern Belle Magazine has hosted Carolyn's blog.  Check out pages 34-35!
Book Review for The Darkling
Ryan Daley from the #1 horror website in the world reviews The Darkling.
Got Dog Questions?
If you are in dire need of advice about your dog, you've come to the right place.
Charming Book Review
THEM BONES was reviewed by "WetNoseDogs".  Check it out!
Kalyn Beverly McClellan: This Made My Day!
Check out Kalyn's book review for Bonefire of the VanitiesRIGHT HERE
Delores Jordan: You MADE my Day.
Check out the e-mail that Delores Jordan sent.
Letter from a Stroke Survivor
This letter made me feel like a SUPER HERO!


9/15/2014: Library Appearance
Join Carolyn Haines as she gives a talk about the Bone-A-Fied Delicious cookbook.  
9/23/2014: Official Newsletter
Be sure and sign up for this month's newsletter!
9/30/2014: Freebie-of-the-Month
You have until the end of this month to submit an entry to win the prize.  Good Luck!
9/30/2014: Deadline to Win a Copy of THE DARKLING
One reader will be randomly selected to win a trade paperback edition of THE DARKLING. 
10/1/2014: Spooky Short Story
Halloween is creeping up on us - and Carolyn Haines is brewing up a chilling short story for you to enjoy for 99¢
10/18/2014: Teaching for a Day at MWA-U
Swing by to Atlanta to the Mystery Writers of America University.